Vinyl Flooring Color Options: How to Choose the Right Color for Your Vinyl Flooring

Considering vinyl flooring for your home? Vinyl flooring comes in any color, any shade or tiny to fit any design style. However, are there some vinyl flooring colors that work best for each room? 

To help you get started, follow these tips to choose the right color for your vinyl flooring.

When to Use Neutral Color Vinyl Flooring

Light neutral tones help to create a sense of calm and a general open feeling and purity in a room. Darker neutral tones, such as dark grey vinyl flooring, can also create a peaceful ambience while offering a truly classic, yet modern appeal. 

Overall, if you want to create a space that is organic, breezy, and inviting, you should opt for neutral tone vinyl flooring.

Neutral color vinyl flooring also works well in any room including the bathroom, the kitchen, and the living room.

Use White Vinyl Flooring in Small Spaces and Bathrooms

White vinyl flooring is ideal for bringing more light into a small space. It also creates a calming and clean influence for your floors which makes it ideal for a bathroom. 

White is also useful if you plan to use it in a vinyl flooring design alongside a solid color. When blended together, the two can create a striking design that makes your room stand out.

Dark Blue and Black Vinyl Flooring Is Modern and Chic

Dark blue and black vinyl flooring are popular options this year reflecting an overall trend towards darker colors as the new neutrals. If you’re looking for a vinyl floor color that will really make your space look modern and chic, opt for dark blue or black vinyl flooring. 

Vinyl flooring in dark colors also pairs well with other interior design materials, such as concrete or stone, to help you create the perfect look.

Next Steps

When you update your floor with vinyl flooring in the right color, you will achieve a dramatic change to the look and style of your home. No matter which color you select, you’ll also get the benefits of vinyl flooring, including high durability and low maintenance. This makes vinyl flooring a versatile and affordable option for creating the perfect aesthetic in your home.

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