Giving Your Floors An Elegant Look With Vinyl Flooring

Are you looking for a trusted supplier and installer for vinyl flooring in your home? Living Hut is the #1 Company providing the best Vinyl Flooring for both residential and commercial properties in Singapore. Dedicated and professional team of experts assures you of providing the best vinyl floor installation services. it is guaranteed to get the top-selling Vinyl Flooring service for your money.

Floored By The Experts:

Whether you are looking to renovate your flooring or walls, then choosing the professional would be helpful for adding elegance to your home interiors. Living Hut is an amazing feature wall company Singapore bringing you trendy designs of products. It will make your space look more attractive. Various styles of wall panelling are available for you to choose from.  High-Pressed Lamination on the surface finish makes it beautiful. Vinyl flooring has quickly become a favourite among homeowners for a lot of reasons.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring:

Living Hut brings you fantastic designs of vinyl flooring with complete Waterproof features. The waterproof vinyl flooring can be used anywhere in your home or commercial units. These are ideal options for the rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, as well as basements. There is no need to worry about accidental spills, pet messes, or any other on these waterproof floors. Vinyl flooring options keep your flooring protected from moisture.

Realistic Visuals:

Installing vinyl flooring is one of the great ways to achieve the beautiful look of stone, wood or even natural materials. Vinyl Flooring has several styles that include the wood look, marble look, concrete look, stone look, and many other options available for adding a realistic look. Check out the latest vinyl flooring price on the Living Hut as you can save a lot of money with installation. Perhaps, it is one of the best ways to add a more appealing look to your home interiors on.

Trouble-free to maintain:

A significant reason for choosing Vinyl flooring is minimal maintenance. You can use a vacuum cleaner, damp mop and broom to clean the Vinyl flooring floor. It helps to eliminate grime, dirt and strain from the floor. On the other hand, vinyl flooring protects the floor from scratches so you can move furniture peacefully. You can hire certified experts to replace damaged vinyl titles.

Long-lasting durability: 

Vinyl flooring is the perfect option for a home because it is highly durable. If you maintain the floor properly, it can increase its lifespan and beauty. Living Hut offers a variety of products, so you can select the right one which fits your home structure. Every product is made of top-notch material that can last for many years. When installing the vinyl flooring, you would not worry about damaging it. It is simple to replace the damaged tile without affecting the surrounding tiles.


The vinyl flooring is stain-resistant due to wear layers, safeguarding the floor from stains. You can use a mild floor cleaner and warm water to remove if there are tough stains on the vinyl tile. Purchase the trendy vinyl floor from Living Hut and makeover your home look effective. Vinyl flooring helps you to maintain a strain-free floor.

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