Best Vinyl Flooring Supplier in Singapore – Living Hut: Affordable, High Quality, and Variety to Choose From

When it comes to flooring options, vinyl flooring has become increasingly popular in Singapore due to its affordability, durability, and versatility. As a result, there are a variety of vinyl flooring suppliers in the market, but one that stands out for its quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service is Living Hut. In this article, we will explore why Living Hut is the best vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore.


One of the main reasons why Living Hut is the best vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore is due to its affordability. Living Hut offers a wide range of vinyl flooring options at competitive prices, making it a great choice for homeowners on a budget. They also offer promotions and discounts regularly, making it even more affordable for customers to purchase their products.


Another reason why Living Hut is the best vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore is due to the high quality of their products. They source their vinyl flooring from reputable manufacturers who use high-quality materials and advanced technology to produce their products. This ensures that the vinyl flooring is durable, scratch-resistant, and able to withstand heavy foot traffic.


Living Hut offers a wide variety of vinyl flooring options, including wood-look vinyl, stone-look vinyl, and luxury vinyl tiles. They also offer different installation methods, such as glue-down, click-lock, and loose-lay vinyl flooring. This means that customers can choose from a range of colors, textures, and installation options to find the perfect vinyl flooring for their home or commercial space.

Customer Service

Living Hut is also known for its excellent customer service. Their staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and able to provide expert advice on choosing the right vinyl flooring for each customer’s needs. They also offer free consultation and on-site measurement services, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions about their flooring options.

Installation Services

Living Hut offers professional vinyl flooring installation services, ensuring that the vinyl flooring is installed correctly and securely. Their installation team is trained and experienced, and they use high-quality tools and equipment to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process. They also provide a warranty for their installation services, giving customers peace of mind knowing that their vinyl flooring is installed properly.

Online Store

Living Hut also has an online store, making it easy and convenient for customers to browse and purchase their vinyl flooring products from the comfort of their own homes. Their website is user-friendly, with clear product descriptions, images, and prices. Customers can also easily book a consultation or installation service through their website.

In conclusion, Living Hut is the best vinyl flooring supplier in Singapore due to its affordability, high quality products, variety of options, excellent customer service, professional installation services, and online store. Whether you are renovating your home or commercial space, Living Hut has the perfect vinyl flooring option to meet your needs and budget. With Living Hut, you can be confident in your flooring choice, knowing that you are getting the best quality products and services at a competitive price.

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